MetaZooGene Products

The first Term of Reference for SCOR WG157 (MetaZooGene) is to create an open-access web portal for DNA barcodes of marine zooplankton.  During the ongoing development of this portal, two major usage pathways and user needs have become apparent:


Portal Need #1 -  A resource to help identify "what is in my sample":   

A zooplankton barcode reference database of publicly available zooplankton barcodes, (cross-linked-with and validated-against the GenBank and BOLD data collections) is being created by WG157.  This ever growing  data compilation currently features 160,000+ Cytochrome Oxidase subunit 1 (aka COX1 or COI or CO1) duplicate-resolved, taxonomically-mapped, zooplankton barcodes in Fasta and Mothur data formats.

The progress, status, and methods of this effort can be found in the MZG Reference Database menu item to the left.


Portal Need #2 - A resource to help identify "what barcodes exist for what  taxa groups and in what oceans":

A zooplankton barcode coverage and status atlas is needed to provide summary information on what zooplankton species barcodes are available for what species, broken down by oceans and regions.  For example, the Atlas can summarize which species of Euphausiid  (or copepod or tunicate or amphipod) are found in a specific oceanic region (e.g, the North Pacific or the Mediterranean Sea), and then breakdown the available barcoding coverage for all those species (e.g., do barcodes exist for every species).  Data links will soon be added that will then allow the user to download or review barcoding data from that specific group and/or region (e.g., all copepod barcodes, or all Mediterranean amphipod barcodes).  

The progress, status, and methods of this effort can be found in the MZG Barcode Atlas menu item to the left.


Additional planned MetaZooGene/WG157 products and publications can be found in the WG157 Proposal (and Terms of Reference) document.