Zooplankton Production Symposium 2024

 MetaZooGene Mtg IMAS Hobart 20Mar2024


The fourth meeting of the SCOR WG157 MetaZooGene working group was held at the University of Tasmania on March 20, 2024, in conjunction with the 7th International Zooplankton Production Symposium.  During this final meeting of the group, a summary of WG157's accomplishments were presented (see Introduction and Accomplishments slides below).  Members were encouraged to bring and/or invite early career scientists to this final meeting, as a way to introduce them to the group and to encourage them to continue this work in their future careers.  Each WG157 member gave a short presentation about their work, tailored toward explaining and introducing it to the early career in attendance (see Member Presentations slides below).

* WG157/ MetaZooGene - Introduction and Accomplishments slides

* WG157/MetaZooGene - Annual Meeting Member Presentations slides


While the official SCOR 157 portion of MetaZooGene has ended, this work and collaboration of this group will continue.  Ongoing collaboration and communication will also continue via the ICES Working Group on Integrated Morphological & Molecular Taxonomy (WGIMT) group.  The MZGdb will also continue to be maintained, improved, and expanded.