Upcoming Special Events:

September 2022:  MetaZooGene is hosting a symposium "New insights into biodiversity, biogeography, ecology, and evolution of marine zooplankton based on molecular approaches" at the ICES ASC meeting (Dublin, Ireland, September 2022).   At the Syposium link above, you can submit an abstract (if you wish to present) and/or you can also register to attend without presenting.  Abstract submission by July 1st is requested; later submissions will be considered until the program is filled.  (Note that attendance at the ICES ASC is not necessary to participate in the MetaZooGene Symposium.)    Click here for more information!


Marine zooplankton biodiversity remains a significant unknown throughout the global ocean. Molecular approaches, including DNA barcoding (use of short DNA sequences for species recognition and discrimination) and metabarcoding (large-scale taxonomic identification of complex samples via analysis of one or few orthologous DNA barcode regions), are expected to significantly revise global estimates of zooplankton diversity.

The MetaZooGene SCOR Working Group will develop a global vision for the continuing development of integrative molecular – morphological taxonomic analysis of marine zooplankton biodiversity through international communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Terms of Reference include: 1) create an open-access web portal for DNA barcodes for marine zooplankton; 2) design an optimal DNA barcoding pipeline for marine zooplankton; and 3) develop best practices for DNA metabarcoding of marine zooplankton biodiversity. 

Deliverables include a project website, web portal, and database; dissemination of best practices for DNA barcoding and metabarcoding of marine zooplankton; and publications and review papers in open access peer-reviewed journals. Workshops to build capacity for the MetaZooGene mission will be designed for early career scientists and those from developing countries, and will be held in association with international conferences.


See the SCOR WG157 MetaZooGene Proposal (click here to view)