MetaZooGene (Zooplankton Barcode) Reference Database

The MZG Reference Database is an content-enhanced compilation of publicly available zooplankton Cytochrome Oxidase subunit 1 (aka COX1 or COI or CO1) barcodes downloaded from the GenBank and BOLD databases.  While the GenBank "Accession" (or BOLD "ID") link the barcodes back to their original GenBank (or BOLD) records, the following has been applied to the data of this compilation:

(1)  This compilation is currently focused on COX1 barcodes (only) for marine and freshwater zooplankton that have been identified to at least the Genus level.

(2)  Duplicated barcodes between the GenBank and BOLD databases are resolved so only a single copy of each unique barcode is present.

(3)  The taxonomic "map" of the species have been standardized to a fixed set of 20 categories (e.g., Kingdom/Phylum/Class/Order/Family/Tribe/Genus/Species and their assorted "Super-"/"Sub-"/"Infra-" add-ons).  If a category is not applicable to a species, a "n/a" placeholder is used, such that the "map" will always have 20 levels.

(4)  The data compilation is currently available in ready-to-use MuTHER and Fasta formats.  More format options will be added as needed.

(5)  The data compilation is available as a single giant file (e.g., all available barcodes from all species).  Data will also [very soon] be available for individual taxonomic group (e.g., "copepods" or "chaetognaths").

 The data compilation will periodically be updated, to include new data added to GenBank/BOLD as well as new content and capabilities added by the MetaZooGene working group.