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Journal:  ICES Journal of Marine Science

Patterns of biodiversity of marine zooplankton based on molecular analysis

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Manuscripts will be accepted until January 11, 2021.   

Note that all manuscripts are reviewed upon submission and will be published as soon as accepted.  (Early submissions will be reviewed and/or published immediately, they will not be held until the January deadline.)


Please see the full description in the Call for Papers document (click here or above) Below is only a brief excerpt:

The objective of this themed set (TS) is to bring together contributions on the broad theme of revisiting the biodiversity of marine zooplankton based on novel molecular approaches. We welcome contributions on the following topics, among others:

- biodiversity, biogeography, and trophic dynamics of marine zooplankton

- best practices for barcoding and metabarcoding analysis

- progress toward and use of DNA sequence reference databases

- discovery, detection, and functional importance of rare and cryptic species

We particularly encourage submission of papers that explore and interpret results from novel molecular approaches, as well as those that offer assessment of the promise and pitfalls of DNA-based analysis of marine zooplankton biodiversity. An important and overarching question that remains is the actual number of species in the marine zooplankton assemblage.