Opportunities for Engagement and Training (Workshops)

MetaZooGene Workshop I will evaluate and compare use of DNA sequence databases for different barcode gene regions for analysis of zooplankton diversity based on DNA barcoding and metabarcoding. The workshop will be held following the Ocean Sciences Meeting; February 16-21, 2020; San Diego, California, USA


DNA-to-data Training Workshop: Key protocols, procedures, and approaches for DNA barcoding and metabarcoding of marine zooplankton will be hosted by MetaZooGene WG member Ryuji Machida at Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan). Priority will be given to graduate students and early-career scientists. TBD 2021)


MetaZooGene Workshop II will encourage use of best practices, including use of taxonomically-comprehensive global-scale reference DNA sequence databases, for metabarcoding analysis of marine zooplankton biodiversity. The workshop will be scheduled to follow the Ocean Sciences Meeting; February 27-March 4, 2022; Honolulu, Hawaii, USA